Monday, May 14, 2012

Makenzie's Room

I have done close to no decorating in our house. It takes too much time and it is too expensive. One of the few things I have done is Makenzie's room. I'm not really done with it, but it might be a while until I do anything else. For now:


The swirls have sparkles in's hard to tell in the picture:

I made the frames:

My mom gave me this thing to put above the fan. I really like it. The problem was, we put it up when we moved in before we installed the I did not paint it before. Painting it after it was up was really, really hard. Good thing it is on the ceiling so nobody can see the bad paint job.

My dad came to visit last December and taught Nick how to put in chair rail:

I really like how they ended the chair rail by the windows: (Thanks Dad!)
This is the kid's bathroom. I found the shower curtain on clearance at Bed Bath and Beyond and I LOVE it: 
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Thursday, May 3, 2012



This is my 3 year old princess.

She is a funny princess. She isn't like the classic princesses such as Belle or Cinderella or Snow White. They are elegant, classy, and way too dependant on their prince to come rescue them.
No, this princess is more similar to Rapunzel on Tangled...the one who wears a pretty dress but runs around barefoot and makes commands/demands and is pretty feisty.

At home you will only find her wearing some type of "princess" outfits. It is a battle every time we leave the house to get her to wear "real clothes." She has an eye for princesses and any little girl we see in public wearing a dress Makenzie will yell "Mommy! look! She's beautiful!!! She's a princess!"

She is so social and makes friends everywhere we go. She can be so sweet and so complimentary to the other kids...and then suddenly be throwing sand at them.

She is so good at helping me keep tabs on Tanner and giving me a play by play of his every move. She loves to tattle on him, and likes to wrestle with him.

She is obsessed with song and always asks me to turn song on for her to sing. She has even started to request lots of MY songs....which always makes me laugh.
She knows seven articles of faith...

Yet, she is not potty trained. Actually though, she is pretty close. I'm calling it potty trained even though she has at least one accident a day. She just doesn't want to do it!

I love hearing her recount her days or tell me things that happened at school. I love her perception of the world around her. The other day she was having a conversation with one of her friends about what Daddy does at work, Makenzie said "my daddy goes to work and eats lunch and plays with Maulik" (Nick's office mate). She often tells people he "plays" on the computer or with the "clamla."

She knows her routines and likes to stick to them. She gets very upset if we try to sneakily cut something out of her bedtime routine.

She is obsessed so so so obsessed with Daddy. She loves her daddy. The best part of her day is when daddy comes home from work. And in all honesty, he is an absolutely amazing dad.

She is so creative and so funny. I love listening to her read herself books or making conversations between her toys. And I actually think it is kind of funny when I overhear her telling Tanner what he can and can't do.

Though she is three, and she can be pretty difficult at times, I LOVE THIS CHILD. She can be such a little ray of sunshine and I'm so grateful she was sent to us.
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This is my baby that is almost 11 months old.

I can't even stand how much I love him. He is so sweet, so busy, so snugly, and such a delight to have around.

I love how every time I walk into a room he starts making excited happy noises and crawls towards me as fast as he can. (Okay, he does this for Nick now too....) He will snuggle with us, and even laugh when he get kisses. 

He loves to chase his sister around and even will go sit next to her when she is in time out to comfort her. 

He is so happy, and so easy to please. He is so easy adjusted too....I move his sleeping and eating schedule around all day everyday, and he is always still so happy and takes things as they come. 

He is so obsessed with food. He eats more than Makenzie eats for sure. Between meals, he has a radar on the kitchen. If anyone walks in the kitchen, he will take off as quickly as he can to beg for food. I can't even remember the last time I was able to just eat a snack or meal without sharing. We also have not found a single food he won't eat (besides baby food) including pickles, lemons, tomatoes, etc. It's so convenient being able to shove anything we want between his chubby little cheeks. Yet, he is in the 3rd percentile and in 6-9 month size clothing.

He has no interest in saying any words and he is just barely starting to want to do tricks. He plays peek-a-boo and clicks his tongue. He likes to "sing" whenever music is playing or whenever he finds Makenzie's microphone.

He is now standing on his own and it will probably be pretty soon that he will realize that he can walk. I am really not ready for that!

He has an obsession with one of my sock slippers and everyday he crawls up the stairs through our room and into to my closet and opens my sock drawer and finds the slipper and then drags it around the house with him for half the day.

He loves the bath, the outside, the printer, unraveling toilet paper, and making messes. His life goal is to get into the refrigerator.

He sleeps a straight 12 hours at night.

He is the most lovable little thing and just seeing his little face makes my days so much better.

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Preschool Olympics

We do Joy School with some people in our ward. Some of the other moms have been taking pictures so I thought I would start too..even though school is almost over. We only had three kids on this day, but they still had fun. First they made flags to represent themselves. Then they did different events and won gold and silver medals. After the events the winner would stand on the table, second place on the chair, last place on the ground. I thought some of the event pictures were funny....
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Pat's Run

So a few weeks ago we participated in Pat's Run. It is a 4.2 mile race with 30,000 people.

It is actually a really fun, family friendly event. It is exciting, there are tons of vendors handing out all sorts of free stuff ( chick fil a sandwiches, powerade, orange juice, fruit, jamba juice, water, McDonalds smoothies, etc) There were bounce houses for kids, and events such as face painting, etc. You get to finish by running through the tunnel and onto ASU's football field. That was pretty fun...

There were a few issues though. First, the high that day was 102 degrees. My Pat's Run shirt didn't fit. Nick had strep throat and wasn't feeling good at all, and they make ALL strollers go behind the runners, joggers, and walkers. Therefore, some of us who wanted to jog with a stroller were unable to because we were behind 15, 000 walkers. We started out by trying to jog but we were just snaking back and forth between so many walkers. But it worked out because Nick really wasn't feeling well and he couldn't run for long anyway. I guess the kids thought the walk was boring and they actually both fell asleep for a good portion of it.
Overall it was fun for Makenzie and me, not so much for Nick, and Tanner was indifferent.
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