Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Few House Projects:

I did some recovering....
The Cornice Boards my mom helped me make:

Our Nick. He put in a sprinkler system, put in sod, put in pavers for edging, extended our patio with pavers, built a retaining wall for our garden, and planted trees. ( Two orange trees, a lemon tree, and a peach tree.)
My garden...It's flourishing!
Nick's excellent paver job:

Easter Sunday

The Easter Bunny kind of forgot to come Saturday night. I think that the Easter bunny was just very tired and had a long day. remembered to come a few hours after Makenzie woke up....

Some Easter Sunday Pictures:
For once in her life Makenzie smiled in a picture. And Nick just had to choose that moment to blink..... 

This is close enough. I kind of look like a thug though...

The unmarrieds:

My brother Jordan and his wife "Klaitlyn"

My Parents:

Five Siblings. Madison where are you?????

Hunter and Tantan

Picture Disaster #2

Exhibit A. Makenzie tries to strangle Tanner

Exhibit B. Tanner fights back

Daddy intervenes and separates the two.

Makenzie wants to throw rocks and teach Tanner how

Daddy tires to settle Makenzie down, Tanner thinks it's funny:

Makenzie ignores Daddy and decides to start blowing bubbles to show her disregard for whatever he is saying:

"I'll tell you what. I will give you one good picture."
Closest we can get to a good picture: 

Followed by round two of strangling:
 Okay, maybe she is trying to give him a hug...

Trying to separate teaching about the Easter Bunny and the Resurrection didn't go as well as planned.

As we were putting Makenzie to bed, Nick asks Makenzie why we celebrated Easter. Makenzie said some reason about Jesus going to see the Easter Bunny. We tried to set her straight, however she then gave a prayer and even included "thankful that Jesus can go see the Easter bunny."
Failed attempt at separating Easter Bunny and the Resurrection. We will try again next year.
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Only Pictures in Las Vegas

Keeping up with two kids on the Las Vegas Strip was hard enough that I didn't get very many pictures in. Here are the very few that came to pass:


Bellagio Fountains:

Nonnie and Tanner's magical moment in front of the Bellagio fountain:
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It is really, really, really, really hard to slow Makenzie down long enough to get a picture of/with her...luckily we can still keep up with Tanner...
Mama& Baby

Grandpa, Tanner, and Peek-a-boo Nonnie:
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Egg Hunt in Vegas

I know that Las Vegas is not the most Easterly place to go...but it just worked out that way. My dad has a work conference in Las Vegas every year and following the conference, he rented a timeshare for all those of us who could make it. Four of my five siblings were able to come!! Poor Madison and her husband Josh had to sit this one out. But my condolences only go so far since pretty soon my entire family will be living in South Carolina and having a nonstop party while me and Nick rot it the desert.

Here are some pictures from Saturday's egg hunt at on the Time share putt putt area. (the only "grass" in the area)
Tanner is wearing his Atlanta Braves outfit given by Uncle Riley:

Some of you may not have realized thus far that Tanner is actually a red head: 

Sometimes all I want is one simple picture where both of my kids are looking and smiling: Here is a Disastrous Attempt:
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