Thursday, March 15, 2012

Castles and Coasters

So Nick had a work party at the same little amusement park again this year. It is small, but Makenzie LOVES it. She was willing to go on anything she was tall enough for:

I think Nick was enjoying this a much as Makenzie was:
This was the one ride Tanner could ride on...he didn't seem to notice it was any different from the stroller:
But Makenzie liked it!

Last Year's picture:
Pretty similar reaction I think.

She rode the pirate ship but she didn't like it. She said it hurt her tummy. At least she didn't cry....I would have felt like a horrible parent if she was screaming and crying the whole time.
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Around the House

Makenzie always wants to be a princess...she does a great job of dressing herself up...sparkly skirts, high heels, sparkle purse, necklace.....
It's just that her hair doesn't want to cooperate....
If we are in the house, Makenzie is dressed as a princess. I usually make her wear real clothes to leave the house though.

Tanner LOVES Makenzie's tent:

Makenzie will take him in there all of the time and I will just hear them in there laughing....

You can see this little tooth just breaking through in this picture...:
Snuggling with Daddy after bathtime:

Poor Kenzie still has some troubling smiling for the camera...

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So lately Makenzie has been obsessed with "naked." She has always liked to yell when she sees men outside with no shirt on "why is he naked????"  But now she always talks about how she has to put her clothes on so that nobody can see her naked and Tanner can't come in the room while she changing because he will see her naked.
In church on Sunday during the sacrament (the quietest time) Tanner was pulling on Makenzie's sleeve and Makenzie yells "TANNER STOP GETTING ME NAKED."
Then at Costco in the cart Tanner started pulling on her shirt and she yells, "Mommy, Tanner is trying to see me naked!"
I had not even given her the privacy/modesty talk yet...but I'm glad someone has! Or she figured it out on her own....

First Day of School

Makenzie before her first day of Joy School:
So this picture has been sitting in my post drafts for months. I didn't realize it had not been published.
Makenzie has been loving school! She knows and loves all of her classmates and loves learning. I love the age when kids like school!
It is kind of fun having her come home and suddenly know things that I haven't taught her. Like one say she said, "Mommy, I'm going to draw an F." and then she did....
She generally asks for school everyday! She still has few years before she gets every day school....
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Nine Months and Trouble

And more trouble...
Tanner turned nine months last week.
Weight: 16 lbs 15 oz (3rd percentile)
Height: 27 in (50th percentile)
Head: 17 1/2 in (25th percentile)

This little boy is the sweetest ever! He still loves to snuggle...he loves mama....and he loves food.

The second he sees someone eating, he has to crawl to their feet, get on his knees and flap his arms while saying "mmmmm" "mmmmmmm" until he gets his food. He is not so much a fan of baby food (except the fruits)....but he loves table food! His favorite hang out is under whatever chair Makenzie is eating at so that he can eat all of the food she drops on the floor. It is so fun being able to shove anything in his mouth and have him love it!

He has become quite the fast little crawler. When Makenzie was this age, we lived in a tiny apartment and is wasn't hard to keep taps on her. In our house now, I am constantly trying to find  him. Especially since he is obsessed with climbing the stairs...I usually find him on the second floor exploring my bathroom. Makenzie and I usually become a search party a few times a day. Makenzie is getting pretty good at giving me a play by play of  Tanner's every move  (usually tattling) and that helps.

He has also started cruising along furniture. I think he is growing up way too fast for me and I. can't. stand. it.

He has two little teeth that have come through and I love them. I love seeing them every time he smiles. (Which is often.) He is such a happy baby and such a delight. He is so happy all day long and so patient and so sweet.
I still love when he does straight legs.
I love how anytime someone is singing, he has to start singing.
I love his obsession with food.
I love his face.
I love how right before he cries he does this little four breath hyperventilation breathing thing...almost like he is giving you the chance to make it right before he bust out in a cry. He will also stop a few times during the cry to do  it.
I love how much he loves his sister.
I love how happy he is to see me every time I walk into a room.
I love how proud he is of himself every time he learns a new trick.
I love him I love him I love him

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