Sunday, September 9, 2012

Oregon 2012 Trip

I love all of these blonde heads:
Wake surfing:
Nick is really athletic and it is attractive:

Makenzie and some of her cousins:

Hanging Out:
Makenzie really hit it off with Kate. She is still talking about her...
Emi helping Tanner get around a gigantic dog:

Makenzie felt the need to plug her ears around the fire:

Kate decided if Makenzie was plugging her ears, there might be a good reason:
Beach Trip:

No matter how cold the water was, Makenzie couldn't stay out of it. So, we had to take her soaking wet pants off:

So cute in her panties and Orchard boots:

I love this:

Viewing the gigantic sea lion:

People were crabbing on the deck we were on. Makenzie freaked out every time they pulled up the crabs. She wanted to see them, but she had to be picked up because the crabs scared her.
But she got brave enough to touch one eventually:
Tanner would have sat and filled his bucket with his shovel for hours. It was his very important mission:

Climbing Up the hill at Cape Kiwanda...or more like Nick carrying Makenzie up the giant hill:
Tanner was eating a bag of cereal and got so much sand mixed in. He ate so much sand...
His reaction to me taking the sandy cereal away:
So I gave it back....
Makenzie couldn't resist playing in freezing cold water:

Tanner and his precious stick. What is it with boys and sticks?

Sea Star Hunting:

Peach Picking in Grandma and Grandpa Orchard:

Oregon Zoo

Both of the kids were obsessed with the four wheelers....they received several rides a day:

Tanner will only hold Grandpa hand....

The barn built by Nick's dad:

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for so much fun!!