Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ward Christmas Party

We had a ward Christmas part a few weeks ago. Makenzie is wearing a hand me down outfit my mom made for my little sister Halston. Makenzie hasn't taken it off since...

When Santa Clause asked Makenzie what she wanted for Christmas, she said " a candy cane..."
Tanner just wanted to grab Santa's beard...
And Makenzie got what she wanted....(as usual)...
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Makenzie's 3rd Birthday

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Hike in the Desert

While Nick's parents were here for Thanksgiving, we did lots of fun things...but this is the only thing that ended up being pictured....the hike in the real-life desert....

It was in the San Tan "mountains"

Halloween 2011

I made Tanner a chicken costume:
Cutest. Chicken. Ever.
Makenzie wanted to be "Tangled" aka I had to make her some hair:

Makenzie Trick-or-Treating with her best friend Hailey:

Tanner playing with his best friend Kiersten:
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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gilbert Temple

The Gilbert Temple is under construction and will be pretty close to our house! We are excited to watch the progress.
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Friday, December 16, 2011


So my mom came to visit for a multi-function visit. First reason: She really missed Nick. Second reason: she missed me. Third. She missed Makenzie & Tanner.

Fourth: We went to Time-Out for LDS Women
Fifth: We went to my cousin Stacey's wedding
Sixth: To help me get started with house projects. I have been living in this house 5 months and have no window treatments, haven't painted, haven't hung pictures...etc.

So we went online and found an idea to help us make some inexpensive, easy, cornices.

Materials: fabric, foam board, duck tape, hot glue, L-brackets, staple gun.

So the project did not go as well as expected. I think the first mistake was trying to make a 14 ft. cornice when the online idea was made for a 3 ft cornice.

The next mistake was finishing them and then noticing we made them the wrong size...and having to do them all over again.

The next mistake was not coming up with an idea to hang them. Nick just loved me when I handed him our duck tape creation and gave him the impossible task to hang them.

The next mistake was trying to ask a manly Lowe's employee for help finding U shaped brackets....he started asking questions like "so what kind of wood are we working with here" and "so how are we going to screw in the bracket to poster board?" "what? you are planning on hot gluing a bracket?" This is what happens when you have girly girls doing mens work....

So after disaster after disaster, we finally had them finished and decided nobody ever has to know we used duck tape and foam board...we did a pretty good job....

I'm not ready to post a picture of the final product because I still have to paint and you will have to wait in suspense for the duck tape project photos.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pumpkin Picture Disaster

I just wanted some cute pictures of my kids at the pumpkin patch....and my kids choose only to smile when I am not holding a camera.

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A few pictures

Tanner's cousin Jocy came over for a few hours one day while her dad helped Nick with our sprinklers... I looked over, saw this, and thought it was so sweet:

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Makenzie at 3

I'd be lying if I said Makenzie has been an easy toddler. But the difficulties I have with her are only because she is so full of life, so smart, and so curious.

I had a rough time trying to keep up with her while I was pregnant with Tanner. She was all over the place. I had one particularly scary experience with her...

Just a few days before Tanner was born, I went to a little boutique shop that was on a busy road. The place was kind of small so I decided not to bring a stroller in. As I was browsing, she was running around like crazy. After I paid, she was yelling that she didn't want to leave and then took her shoes off and threw them across the store. I went to retrieve her shoes and noticed that she was bolting through the door. I was trying to chase after her, but I was just a few days from having a baby and I couldn't catch up. When I opened the door, she was headed straight for the busy street. The cars were not slamming on breaks or swerving because they could not see that she was coming. Just as her foot hit the road, on instinct, I let out a blood chilling scream for her to stop. Under normal circumstances, she would not have stopped. However, this time, through what I know was divine intervention, she stopped..... and I was able to call her back to me. And then I cried...for about three days straight.

I couldn't get the experience out of my mind...and how close I felt I had come to losing her. I still can't think about the experience without bringing back the feelings that I had the moment she stepped onto the road and I know I will never forget that feeling. However, I will also never forget the feeling I had when she came back to me, and she was safe. I don't know if I have ever felt stronger love than I did the moment I held her again.

This experience has helped me through her hard toddler times. Sometimes she makes me feel like I will seriously lose my mind, but my mind often wanders back to that moment when she was safe, and I remember how much I love her.

So even though she won't eat, or nap, even though she now can break through child safety locks, climbs over baby gates, and can open child proof medicine bottles, even though she has to change 500 times a day and dump everything out of her dresser every 5 minutes, and she finds so much joy in making messes and jumping in mud, and won't go stinky in the potty, I am still crazy about her.

She can be so sweet and charming. She loves Tanner...she loves to play with him and to help care for him. She loves to proudly show off all of her accomplishments..from pictures, to block towers, to her wet in the potty. She probably knows a hundred songs by now and asks us to sing to her all the time. She is such a Daddy's girl and waits all day long for him to get home and play with her. She loves to learn the gospel and is excited every night for us to teach her a church story. She copies everything that we do. I love her so much and I know I should enjoys these times while I can...