Wednesday, October 12, 2011

South Carolina Vacation- Credits

A special thank you to my parents for housing and feeding us.

A special thank you to my dad for arranging so many free activities...I think you picked the right line of work....

A special thank you for my mom for coordinating everything and making the house so clean and fun.

A special thank you to Madison and Josh for taking time off of work to spend with us.

A special thank you to Jordan and Kaitlyn and Riley for coming at the same time as us.

A special thank you to Hunter for going running with me in the mornings even though I was way too slow for him and for taking Nick surfing.

A special thank you to Halston for all of the taking care of Tanner that she did.

A special thank you to Continental Airlines for proving us with round trip tickets for a grand total of $450 (including taxes) for 3 tickets.

A special thank you to the rental car lady who upgraded our rental car to a rental van...for free...

A special thank you to Reed & Megan for providing our transportation to and from the airport.

A special thank you to Nick for letting me sleep in almost every single morning.

And a special thank you for all of those I forgot to thank for what you did.

South Carolina Vacation- Sunday Afternoon

South Carolina Vacation- Swimming

We went swimming in my parent's pool quite a few times, but I only got my camera out for a few pictures one day....

Makenzie loved the slide...I should post a video of her going down...she just slides so fast down and then just shoots out into the pool...It is so funny. And then she swims up to the surface all on her own...

South Carolina Vacation- Wonder Works

That upside down building is a place called Wonder Works. It just has cool exhibits and activities. It is also something new to Myrtle Beach...

South Carolina Vacation- The Pirate Show

There used to be a place in Myrtle Beach called the Dixie Stampede. It was a Southern dinner and show. Recently, that got changed to a pirate dinner show. It was pretty fun, and Makenzie LOVED it:

Tanner did too....

This picture is for my mom. She kept telling me to take candid pictures...Sometimes that means we have to pose the "candid..."Here is one of her "candid" pictures...

My kids are SO hard to take pictures with....

My Parents:

Madison & Josh

Poor child gets way too many kisses from me....

This was Makenzie the entire show...she wouldn't eat, she wouldn't blink....she did laugh and clap though...

South Carolina Vacation- The Sky Wheel

Myrtle Beach recently got a Ferris Wheel right on the coast that they call the biggest ever in the world or something like that. I'm pretty sure it isn't even close to the biggest, but it is fun. It would have been cool to go in the day so we could see the ocean, but we went at those of us who actually were working during these two weeks could go....

South Carolina Vacation- Everyone

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South Carolina Vacation- Boating

My family likes to go boating on the Waccamaw River. Here are some picture of our boating day:

This is Riley and Halston...I would be scared to death to get on a jet ski with Riley...but Halston handled the experience pretty well...

I was supposed to be taking a picture of Riley doing a flip off the top of our friend's house boat...but I only caught the landing:

Swimming with Uncle Riley:

Grandpa teaching Makenzie how to drink and drive:

Tubing with Aunt Madison:

Tubing with Daddy:

Our friend's houseboat aka our docking station:

Halston spent almost the whole day standing on the top of the house boat trying to work up the nerve to flip off. Within the last few minutes we were there, she attempted...and landed on her back, but I'm so proud of her for trying!

South Carolina Vacation- Beach

So our family went to Myrtle Beach to visit my family for a couple of weeks in August.

Here are some pictures from our two beach days:

Makenzie LOVED the beach. She loved the ocean, she loved the waves, she loved the sand, she was loving life...

Surfside Beach:

My sister Halston:

My Mom:

My brother Hunter taking his turn babysitting:

Tanner found the beach rather boring:

Nick is used the crazy Oregon waves...I'm pretty sure he think our waves are pretty lame...but I still think he had fun...

That black spec you see in the middle of the picture is a dolphin fin! I grew up in Myrtle Beach and never saw one....but we saw quite a few this particular day:

Makenzie did catch a few waves that she rode in all the way to the beach...The first time she did it was pretty funny. Nick just sent her on the board into a wave not realizing how well it was going to work....he ended up chasing after her as fast as he could as she cruised all the way up to the sand....

She didn't quite catch this one: