Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Prayer Time

(the picture has nothing to do with prayer time)

Nick: "Makenzie will you say the prayer?"

Makenzie: "I can't. I'm too sweaty and the rain is coming."

Heard in Makenzie's prayers:

"Please bless the missionaries that they can ride their bikes"
"Please bless the missionaries that I can shake their hands"
"Thankful I can have ice cream tomorrow"
"Please bless I can go to the park tomorrow"
"Thankful I can go to Lainey's house and that I can hit her and that she can cry"
"Thankful I hit my bottom on the TV"
"Thankful that the school bus can be broken"
"Please bless the pizza that I can eat it"
"Thankful that the rain can come and that it can be scary"