Monday, July 25, 2011

Our House

Here are some pictures of our house pre-move in:

Back of the house:


Living Room:
Kitchen: (see Makenzie?) (pre microwave/fridge)

Family Room & Play Room:

Hallway leading to laundry room, guest bedroom, and bathroom:

Laundry Room:

Guest Bedroom:

Downstairs Bathroom:


Top of stairs:


Mater Bath:

Master Bedroom:

Tanner's Room:

Makenzie's Room

Kid's Bathroom

Spare bedroom (currently a craftroom):

Around the house

My blue eyed angel:

Tanner really is an angel. He smiles, tries to coo, loves to cuddle, loves kisses, LOVES to be held. I cannot get enough of him. When I pull out my camera, Makenzie has to pull out her 'clamla" too.

So Makenzie has really curly hair, and therefore it is really short. So, the other day I blow dried it straight...and it still wasn't straight so I flat ironed it so that I could see how long it is:

It was longer than I thought....enough to make a non- Pebbles Flinstone ponytail.

Tanner was kind of fussy this morning while I was catching up on blogs, so I put him in Makenzie's megablock wagon and was pushing it back and forth with my foot. Makenzie wanted to be involved so I let her pull him around the room (I'm a really good mom....) and he loved it.

He loved it so much that he cried when she stopped:

Baby Blessing Day

Family in Town

We had family come to town for Tanner's blessing! My parents, Nick's parents, my sister Halston, my brothers Jordan & Riley, and my sister-in-law Kaitlyn all came. I took so few pictures....
Grandpa holding Tanner for the first time:

Nick's brother Reed and his family were out of town but they let us use their house to entertain everyone because our house wasn't finished yet. Luckily, they have a pool because pretty much that is all you can do here in the summer. The first picture is taken from inside because there was a monster dog outside waiting for me to come out so he could eat me.

Tanner and I hung out inside because we were not allowed to swim....

Makenzie is obsessed with Lainey's dress up collection, so she is always a princess at Lainey's house:

Family Pictures