Monday, May 16, 2011

House Progress




back of the house:


We have an appointment with the builder today! We will find out when our closing date will be. It should be toward the end of June!

And in case anyone is wondering, I am still pregnant. I have 3 weeks left! At my appointment last week I was dilated to a 1 and was 50% effaced! I have been feeling great....but the 100 degree days are really starting to get to me. Remind me never to be pregnant around summer again....

And, I actually am ready for him to come! My friends threw me a baby shower that was so fun! They surprised me by just giving me an invitation to it. I was so surprised when I saw it was for me! So between the shower and my own shopping and my sister-in-law giving me boy clothes, I am set! We also bought a double stroller. All I need to do is wash some clothes and put them in drawers. I am welcoming him to come anytime now!

Castles and Coasters

Nick had a company party at a small amusement park in Phoenix called Castles and Coasters. I couldn't really ride anything since I was 36 weeks pregnant. But Nick and Makenzie had fun!

Makenzie's face is so funny in the next picture. She said she liked it and wanted to do it again..but I do think it kind of scared her:

We were kind of surprised that we live in the Phoenix area and do not of a large amusement park here. But, then we figured out that amusement parks make their money in the summer...and this area is waaaaay to hot in the summer to enjoy being outside that long. We went the first weekend in May and had to leave by 1:30 because it was just too hot.


This was worth a post to itself because it has never happened before. Makenzie fell asleep on the couch. She only falls asleep on her bed or in the car seat.

On this particular day we didn't have time for a nap so I thought we were just skipping it for the day. When things got suspiciously quiet I went looking for her and found her like this:

Notice the spatula in one hand and a carrot in the other...she is kind of random....

Easter Egg Hunt

She eventually realized that there was candy in the eggs...notice all of the open eggs in her basket:

And then it was really hard to get her to finish the hunt....because she just wanted to eat candy....

And she got a little desperate and started stuffing grass in her mouth...

And look at what the Easter bunny brought:

Easter Dress

Here are pictures of Makenzie in her Easter Dress....playing baseball....random, I know...