Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I think my life can be summed up in three words: Makenzie is crazy.

I have proof.

So a few weeks ago it was in the 90's and I was wondering if the pool water was warm enough to swim in. We weren't planning on swimming so we were fully dressed. So, Makenzie and I walked over to the pool area at our apartment complex to feel the temperature of the water. I stuck my foot in and turned to Makenzie and told her it was cold. Then, she took off running and just jumped in. It was like she couldn't contain herself anymore and she just had to get in. So, I had to jump in after her...fully clothed...7.5 months pregnant. Luckily she didn't sink to the bottom because I'm pretty buoyant right now and I'm not really sure if I could have gotten down there. I was able to just grab her feet and pull her up above the water. When, I pulled her up, she wasn't choking or scared. She just said, "what happened mommy?" She actually seemed very delighted with herself. She spent the next few days repeating the lines "I jump in the pool. Mommy saved you. The pool's cold."

The baby has been sitting on a nerve in my leg and it has been getting gradually more and more painful. Well, after yesterday it took a turn for the worst and I know exactly why:

The following stories all took place on the same day (yesterday):

1. Makenzie and I went to the zoo with our friends. As we entered the gate, they were checking my membership pass and asked for my ID. Makenzie had wiggled out of the stroller and was running for this disgusting open fish pond near the entrance of the zoo. After our recent pool experience, I didn't want her jumping in so I had to sprint after her (8 months pregnant). Luckily I made it in time.

2. Nick and I took Makenzie on a walk to a grassy area near our apartment. At a random time, she just decided to take off running into the street just as a car was coming. I got to chase after her (8 months pregnant) and luckily got to her in time.

3. I took Makenzie to watch Nick play ward softball. The fields are really nice and fenced and there are bleachers and everything. Makenzie was having lots of fun watching "daddy's basketball game." She really, really wanted to go and play with him. So, she took off running like a mile around the fence to enter into the outfield...and I got to chase after her... (8 months pregnant). I finally caught up to her after she fell down on her face. And I didn't feel sorry for her.

4. For Nick's second game, they switched fields. It took Makenzie about five seconds to discover a "doggie door" cut into the fence. I don't know if I can explain it, but behind where the batter is, for no reason I can think of, they cut a square out of the fence that was the perfect size for Makenzie to dive through. Had I not sprinted there (8 months pregnant) and grabbed her legs in time, she would have fallen about four feet down onto the field...right behind the umpire. She was furious with me for stopping her exclaiming that it was "kenzie's turn to hit the ball."

Hopefully these stories don't portray me as not watching my child....I do watch her...she is just faster than me right now. I think it means it's time for us to stop leaving the house.

So, after yesterday, the nerve in my leg is killing me. Anytime I wanted to turn over in bed last night and I had to do everything in my power not to scream. It hurts when I walk, but it is for sure the worst when I'm laying down and try to move...or when I lift a leg to put pants on or step over something. It's going to be a long 8 weeks.


My Impressive Gardening

I decided to plant a container garden on my balcony. I had nice leaves growing for months and months but no vegetables. So, I decided that nothing was ever going to grow and I quit watering my plants. In my pregnant laziness, I just left the dead plants sitting there. Well, about a month or two after everything was brown and dead, I looked outside and noticed tomatoes growing on dead branches!
So, I guess I can't make a garden grow unless I kill it first.

*I did eventually throw out all of the dead plants and our balcony is now clean