Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I have run into a problem....

I have now been part of 2+ years of pink, bows, lace, sparkles, ruffles, flowers, etc....

Therefore, all I know is pink, bows, lace, sparkles, ruffles, flowers, etc....

And I'm getting scared I am going to turn my boy into a girl.

It all started with a nursing cover. After finding out the gender of the baby, I was really excited to start making things for him. I never really got to do many projects while I was pregnant with Makenzie because I was working, sick, and had nowhere to put my sewing machine. So, I decided my first project would be a nursing cover. I went to pick out boy fabrics. I decided brown and green were pretty safe colors...but after making it, it suddenly looks so girly. The brown swirls and green polka dots. I guess I will be wearing the nursing cover just as much as the baby will, so I'm safe for this project....

But then I found myself looking into making a car seat cover. I was finding so many with cute ruffles that I started calculating how I could make bows and ruffles look boyish.

Pretty soon I am going to be putting bows in his hair and telling myself it is okay because the bows are blue....

I went to the store yesterday to select some fabric for a baby blanket. I think I did a pretty good job of selecting boy material...but who knows what it will look like by the time I am finished with it!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our Little Boy!

Technology is not working for me today. My scanner won't work so the ultrasound pictures are pictures of the pictures. And, for no good reason blogger turned three of the pictures sideways and won't change it back. But, this isn't the point, the point is we are going to have a little BOY!

No questions about the gender...

The little spine....

His little face....

Okay, so he kind of looks like an alien. But, the good news is that he has still has 22 weeks left to turn into a baby face.
He is due June 8th
And I am so excited to be having a boy! Before our ultrasound, I was thinking that I would be happy with a boy or a girl...and I would have been....but I was SOOOO excited when I saw I was having a boy! So excited that I finally decided I needed to announce my pregnancy to the world.
So there you have it. I'm 18 weeks...had a terrible terrible first 16 weeks...But I am feeling great now! Now all we have to do is wait....and go shopping for some boy stuff because as of now, everything we own is pink (maybe a touch of purple)!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

4th Anniversary

Before we left for Utah, we realized that we were going to leave Utah on our anniversary. That sounded like a horrible anniversary. So, Nick planned a surprise for me! Las Vegas is about half way between Salt Lake and Phoenix. Nick planned an overnight stay at a nice hotel in Vegas! I was seriously not expecting such a nice hotel. We stayed in the 'Aria' which is about a year old. It is between the Bellagio and Monte Carlo. When we walked into our room, the curtains automatically opened, the lights turned on, romantic music automatically started playing, and the alarm clock said "hello Nicholas" on it. The TV remote controlled each individual lamp, curtain, the temperature, etc. It was so fun!
Our hotel:

Makenzie's favorite would probably have been the Bellagio fountains. But, it was way too windy and so they were not running the shows. So, her favorite was actually the Bellagio Conservatory. They had water that was shooting around and a train.
The shooting water was apparently very funny. Makenzie makes fists with both of her hands when she feels strong emotion. She does it when she is very mad, very happy, when she has brain freeze, etc.

Fish in the Forum Shops:

Tired of the Stroller:

Nick got to see a famous baseball player. I think he said his name is Pete Rose?

- Yes, most of our pictures were of Makenzie on our anniversary.

-And by the way, last year around our anniversary, I wrote out everything I could remember about the details of me and Nick meeting, dating, and getting married. I put it on a blog to preserve and share it. I think I will try to remember to re-post the link every year on our anniversary because I know that everyone wants to re-read our incredibly long story every single year.

Christmas Activites

After the wedding, it was time to get in the Christmas spirit! Here are some Activities we did to prepare:

Josh's family invited us to make gingerbread houses with them:
Madison's Nativity:
My dad & Halston made a church building:

My mom made a tree house:

I made Santa's sleigh:

Josh and Hunter made a basketball court:

Christmas Eve Day we went sledding:

Christmas Eve we went to see the lights at Temple Square:

Makenzie laughing at Halston blowing bubbles with her gum and then popping them. Makenzie was laughing. I was having seizures.

My mom has recorded my dad reading the kids "T'was the Night Before Christmas" every single year on Christmas Eve since my first Christmas. She has 25 years recorded. It starts with just me and every year the family grows. We had everyone there on Christmas Eve this year:
And a few Christmas morning pictures:

Wedding Day

The wedding was on December 21st. It snowed a ton that it was freezing...but the pictures turned out so pretty!

My sister Madison, and her husband Josh:
My brother Hunter:
My dad is such a good helper....

My sister Halston lurking around....
My Family:
Daddy/Daughter Dance
Strapping Boys:
Makenzie had a breakdown. She was tired of pictures:
The get-away:
Nick built a snow man on the top of the get away car. As they drove away, first its head fell off. It scarred Makenzie for life. The rest of the trip she would be close to tears and say "oh no! oh no! snowmans head fall off! hit his head! oh no!"

Wedding Dinner

The next few posts are about my brother, Jordan's wedding. The night before the wedding my mom hosted a wedding dinner in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

The picture below is my brother Riley in his wheel chair. Riley was on a mission in Portland, OR. On Thanksgiving he played in a Turkey bowl and slipped on some ice and landed on his neck. He had amnesia and spent a few days in the hospital. He got his memory back, but was having trouble with headaches and leg control. So, he was sent home just a few days before the wedding to heal. He is expected to make a full recovery and return to his mission soon.
Makenzie took a few rides down the ramp with Uncle Riley:
Ta Da
Dad & Hunter
The Happy Couple:
This part was an abomination. We were supposed to get up and say funny stories about Jordan & Kaitlyn. At first nobody was getting up and it was awkward so I decided to get up first. My mom wanted it to be funny so I got up and started telling all of these funny stories about Jordan and nobody was laughing it was dead silent and dead awkward and horrible and my family will be punished for not supporting me and laughing. And the stories were funny! It was a tough crowd. After that, nobody wanted to get up. Halston and my mom never experience was too horrible.
Makenzie, however, did not have any problem getting up. After the dinner was over, she spent about twenty minutes singing Jingle Bells, Follow the Prophet, and Happy Birthday. I have this all on video...I should post it. Everyone was laughing with her!
Such a performer. We don't know where she came from.