Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Makenzie!

November 30, 2008

1st B-day

2nd Birthday Party:

We will find out her two year stats on Friday. But here are some fun facts:

- we still have to battle to get her to eat

-she can count to 11

-she knows quite a few shapes

-she knows her colors

-she speaks in sentences

-she knows the words to lots of songs

-we are crazy about her!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Random Stories

I have a lot of updating to do, but I can't do any pictures right now. So, I am just going to share some of the funny things Makenzie has done lately:

- We read the Book of Mormon with her every night. She repeats every word that we say. If she is repeating a word that sounds similar to a word that she knows, she will replace it with the word that she knows. For example:
-"and it came to pass" she will say 'passey' instead of pass
- when we say 'to' she thinks we are saying 'two' so she says 'three'
- 'would' becomes 'woody!' (She has been watching toy story lately)
- 'mouth' became 'mouth. tongue. nose?'
-pretty much any three syllable word becomes 'basketball'

- I keep finding her stuffed animals in really funny positions. For example:
-monkey is usually sitting in time out
-piglet takes a nap with blankey and passey in Makenzie's crib (I'm not allowed in the room during piglet's nap time)
- piglet has also been found at the kitchen table with his mouth on top of a waffle.
-pooh bear is usually swaddled in a blanket sitting on the couch
- i have found a line up of stuffed anmials sitting in front of the TV

-The first person we saw at our ward Halloween party had her face painted like a clown. When Makenzie saw her she pointed at her face and ran toward her saying "ewwww, yucky, gross. ewww. Mommy look! EWWWW!" no manners whatsoever...

-every time she sees a candle she starts singing Happy Birthday

- we have found her straddling the top of her crib a few times now. she is determined to escape.

- once she prayed her thanks for Costco