Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chipped Teeth

Makenzie and I were enjoying a nice day at the park. The weather was only 90 as opposed to usual 110 so I figured I would actually take her outside.

It was all fun and games until she crashed her teeth into a little ride-on spring toy. She chipped half of her two front teeth off! Actually they shattered into thousands of little pieces and she ate them. I took a picture but she didn't really want her picture taken at them time so it didn't really turn out. She didn't even cry...until we went to the dentist. Of course something like this would happen at 4:00 on a Friday when close to no dentist office is open. Luckily I had one nice dentist hold the office open for us. They had to file all of the jagged sharp edges off. Makenize was not a fan. Luckily there is no nerve damage to the teeth. The dentist said he could put caps on them if we wanted...but he said she didn't need them. Nick says that her teeth don't look that bad...but me, being the mother, think otherwise. I guess it could have been worse. Maybe (if Makenzie will let me) I will post a picture of the smoothed off chipped teeth...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Sunday morning, I was getting ready for church while Nick was watching Makenzie. All of the sudden she runs in my bathroom yelling "mommy look! mommy look!" This is what I see:

Apparently Daddy can like playing dress up with kids as much as mommy does. And apparently Makenzie likes to play dress up better with daddy than with mommy. She liked it so much that after church (while Nick was home teaching), she ran up to me like this:

Then, she disappeared in my room for a few more minutes and came walking down the hall (bumping into walls) like this:

She finally figured the hat part out:

If she didn't enjoy my hand lotion, lip gloss, and painted toes so much I might think she was a tomboy. I looked the word "tomboy" up on wikipedia to see if it was one word or two words. It is one word and this is the definition:

"A tomboy is a girl who exhibits some characteristics and or behavior considered typical of the gender role of a boy, including the wearing of typically masculine-oriented types of clothes and engaging in games and activities that are often physical in nature, and which are considered to be the domain of boys."

I guess she is a tomboy who likes lip gloss.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

8th Grade

So when I was in 8th grade, I was really attractive. The guys were just flocking around me...obviously. There is no point to this post other than to make people jealous of me...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Family News

This is news is about a month old now, but still exciting. My brother Jordan is engaged and getting MARRIED! December 21 in the Jordan River Temple! His fiancee is Kaitlyn Wing from Wisconsin. Congrats!

Also, my brother Riley got his mission call! He will be serving in the Portland, Oregon mission! (that is where Nick is from and his parents still live there!) He enters the MTC on October 13th! Congrats Riley!

Yes, I used a young picture because that is just how I happen to remember him :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Few Stories

I always try to remember funny stories to post about Makenzie but I always forget them. There have been quite a few from the past couple of days though so I want to hurry and post them before I forget.

Shopping with Mommy:

Yesterday I went to a few kid consignment stores (on the hunt for a few things). I started at Once Upon a Child, then Kid to Kid then another Once Upon a Child. Each of these places has a little kid play area that is surrounded by a short wall to keep the kids in there.

At the first stop, they had a really boring kid area. It was basically just a few puzzles and some books. The isles are too narrow for a stroller so I couldn't use that. Without a stroller, she just runs free and grabs everything off of every shelf as fast as she can. So obviously my only choice was to let her play in the boring kid area. She liked it for about 30 seconds and then I heard her yelling for me. I told her I would get her in a few minutes. Pretty soon, I heard her yelling "help! stuck!" and I heard people laughing. I peaked around the corner to see that anytime anyone was walking by she was reaching for them and yelling "help!!" So, I watched for a minute and then I went to rescue her because I was scared someone might actually help...

The second store had a really fun kid area with a play kitchen. After a few minutes of shopping I went back to check on her. She was playing with the kitchen and I noticed she had three pots on the stove with lids on them and fake food inside. Makenzie would open the lid, stir the pot with her plastic spatula, then close the lid. Occasionally she would stir and then taste the spoon. I have no idea where she learned to do that! I assume she learned in nursery because they have a play kitchen in there, but maybe she just picked it up from watching me?

The third store had a play house. When it was time to go, I went to get Makenzie out of the play area. I approached and said "Makenzie, it is time to go, come here!" She screamed and ran into the play house and slammed the door. Then, I suddenly see the window shutter crack open and her little face peak through the window to watch me. When I started climbing over the wall she started screaming (a very high pitched scream). I climbed over, opened the door and started dragging her out while she is screaming at the top of her lungs and I'm pretty sure everyone thought that I was kidnapping her...I guess she wasn't ready to leave....

The other day we had this conversation:

Makenzie: Mommy, I pashey (Makenzie is only allowed to have her passey in bed or in the car)

Me: Okay, you want to take a nap with passey?

Makenzie: yesh

Me: Okay, you want to take a nap with blankey and passey?

Makenzie: yesh. blankey, pashey, and cookie...

The other night at dinner, for no apparent reason Nick said, "2, 4, 6,..." and Makenzie suddenly yelled "EIGHT!" Coincidence or genius? If you ask me, I will say genius....

Monday, August 2, 2010

Our Million Dollar Invention

Okay, so I asked Nick to make magic happen. I told him I wanted a way to strap Makenzie's car seat to a roller carry on for the airport. I needed it to be simple and quick to assemble and take apart. Did he do it?? Yes, he did. And it took him about five minutes to invent:

All it took was one little strap from a duffel bag. So here is our free project for rolling toddlers with their car seats around the airport. You might call it a stroller/carseat/suitcase all in one! Should we patent the idea and get rich???

And for the record, it worked great!

South Carolina Trip

Makenzie and I took a trip to South Carolina!
We started out by going to the beach. Notice how curly Makenzie's hair was in the humidity! I couldn't believe it.
Here she is with Nonnie:

She LOVED the sand:

My brothers built her a throne fit for a princess:

Such curls!
As usual, all fun must come to an end:
We lost Makenzie's bathing suit and the beach showers, so she had a few days of no bathing suit.
Her favorite thing in the world was the waterfalls. She kept asking anyone and everyone to take her to see the "auwfal." That is how my siblings could bribe her to go to them:
She was also quite the fan of Gutar Hero:

We went to the resort pools for a day:
Blowing bubbles:

We also went on the boat one day. (Yes, we pretty much spent the whole trip in the water) We didn't actually tube like this...we just played:
I look like a gopher in this picture and everyone else looks miserable. It was fun though!
Riley didn't want to get in the water..he just wanted to drive the boat:
Grandpa came swimming with us:

The family minus Nick, Madison, and Josh (and almost Kaitlyn)

Okay, so the little red chair below is a chair my dad used when he was little. It is almost 50 years old. We used to love to sit in it at my Grandma's house when we were little. My sister Madison thinks that she is entitled to it for some reason. But sorry to break the news to you this way Madison, but mom and dad decided to keep it at their house so that the grandkids can have the memory of it at their house...just like we have the memory of it at Grandma's house :)

We had so much fun! Thanks for letting us come and for letting Makenzie rule the house! Other highlights of the trip that are not pictured included:
Boiled Peanuts
My dad's tapioca pudding
My mom introduced me to the show, The Middle (so funny)
Boiled Peanuts
Boiled Peanuts
Guitar Hero
I saw rain...
Boiled Peanuts
My dad taught me to make my Grandma's chocolate pound cake
Mostly playing with family

Fourth of July

Makenzie in her Fourth of July festive outfit:

Video of Makenzie throwing Poppers/Snappers:

We spent the third and fourth of July alone to avoid spreading sickness. Saturday night, we went and bought a few of our own fireworks and set them off in Madison and Josh's parking lot(Madison and Josh were at stadium of fire). They were mostly fountains but Makenzie loved them. Her favorite was by far the snappers or poppers or whatever they are called....the things that you throw on the ground and they make a popping noise. She threw two whole boxes of them. Then, we went to Sugar House Park firework show is Salt Lake City. We didn't realize that it was going to be kind of a rough crowd there...but it was still a lot of fun. We laid on a blanket and watched the show in the park. We were really glad Makenzie wasn't scared of them! You never know what to expect from kids since they only see fireworks about once a year. Anyway, Nick bought Makenzie some glow in the dark bracelets they were selling there and after the show we got some icecream! We spent the real fourth of july (Sunday) driving back to Arizona. The cool thing was...that we drove into Phoenix at 9:00, when all of the firework shows in the area started and we probably saw about 12 different shows going on during our drive home. Pretty fun!