Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Reunion

The family reunion started at Zion National Park in Southern Utah. It was so beautiful there!

This isn't even everybody....there were about 15 adults and 22 kids:

This was just too funny not to post:
We also found a splash area for the kids:

This picture is at Bryce Canyon. We didn't participate much here because I had the flu... The background is real by the way...
The reunion then moved up to Northern Utah where our numbers greatly increased. I have no idea how many of us there were. We don't have many pictures here because Nick ended up sick. he spend most of the day in the first aid center. Makenzie loved the rides!

Makenzie fell asleep in her stroller...this is pretty unusual I knew something was probably wrong...
When she woke up she was burning up so we took her to the first aid center. She had a fever of 102.6. So she spent the next hour here trying to bring down her fever before we left.
The only picture from 7 Peaks:
The next day we took Nick and Makenzie to the doctor where they were diagnosed with strep throat and Makenzie also had a double ear infection. So we tried to avoid the family as much as possible...but it seemed that people were breaking out sick all over the place. We joined them for a final goodbye and some family pictures. My sister in law took this one for us:

I assume there will be more family pictures to come. Overall we had a lot of fun seeing family and playing. We tried not to let sickness hold us back too much. Next time we will prepare with airborne or something. Thanks everyone for all of the planning you put into this trip! We loved seeing you all!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I have lots to post about....and I don't feel like doing one long post so I am going to gradually update. Anyway, the first one will just be some random pictures of Makenzie from around the house:

She loves to wear our shoes around the house:

She also likes to match my toes. Whenever I paint my toe nails she sticks her foot out to have hers painted as well. As soon as I start painting, she doesn't want it anymore so she starts screaming and I have to hold her down while I slop paint all over her toes. When it is all over, she actually loves her toes and runs around the house saying "pretty. toes. pretty. toes."

She still has her comfortable ways of sleeping:

Look closely at her forehead. I thought she got a scar on her forehead at the pool when she tried to run away from me and fell on her face:
But clearly the scar is from when Lord Voldermort tried to get her and my love saved her:
Makenzie think that the tub of cookie cutter is actually her personal step ladder. She pulls it out about 30 times a day to see if I left something in her reach:
These are Makenzie lady bug boots that she insists on wearing around the house everyday:
And this picture was supposed to show that her ponytail is actually starting to look a little can see it better in the shadow behind her....