Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Makenzie, Makenzie, Makenzie

I know I always post about Makenzie but I figure that is what "the people" want. Maybe sometime I will post a little more about me or Nick.

And yes, I know she shouldn't stand this close to the TV, but I often catch her like this:

I know I already did a sleeping baby post, but Makenzie has found a new way of sleeping. I literally find her like this every single night:

You have no idea how hard it is for me to get pictures of Makenzie lately. She is always on the run and I pretty much have to sit on her to get her to hold still. About 90% of the pictures I have taken lately are Makenzie on the run. This is the best I could do:

And I will include a few stories...

- Lately during nightly family prayer Makenzie has been participating really well. She repeats the last word of every sentence. If she can't say the last word, ( ex- we are thankful for the Savior) she will usually just yell "yeah!!" Last night was the first time she added her own thoughts to the prayer. She wanted to be thankful for her "ball." She made this very clear.

- We were in a grocery the other day and Makenzie was doing her usual- being a personal greeter to all around her. When she smiled and waved and said "Hiiiiiiiii" to a little old man...he said 'hi' back and then turned to me and said "she's a friendly little dickens isn't she?" I'm not sure what that means but I think it is supposed to be a good thing...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


- Makenzie has started going to time out...and she completely understands its purpose. She usually has to go because she ignores us when we tell her 'no.' So, we sit her down in the same place (next to the refrigerator) every time and she sits there and whines and puts her hands up for us to pick her up. Well, sometimes she puts herself in time out. All of the sudden she will sit in her time out spot and shake her finger at us and say "no no."

-I'm starting a container vegetable garden on my deck. It looks really pathetic right now because it is just pots of dirt sitting there. I'm going to be so embarrassed if nothing grows.

-Makenzie pretty much repeats everything we say now...so we have to be careful. I have been warned to come up with a word count before her 18 month appointment. So, Nick and I came up with a list of her words. We used only words that she has used more than once and she knows the meaning and they are pretty clear. The list is close to 100 words! I had not realized she knew so many words.

-Makenzie only gets her pacifier in the crib and in the car....(and sacrament meeting when we need a quick mute)

-Makenzie got to start nursery a few weeks early because Nick and I got called to be primary teachers and we can't bring her with us. As expected, she did perfectly fine. She ran in there, was happy the entire time, and didn't want to leave. The nursery leader said she has never seen a child do that on their first week. Their parents usually have to sit with them for a few weeks. I'm a little worried that they think we are terrible parents and Makenzie hates us. But, she just doesn't have separation anxiety issues. She likes to do her own thing.

-Nick and I teach the 5 year old class in primary. One of the kids in our class is a real character. We were talking about the priesthood and discussing how all of their dads hold the priesthood. All of the sudden the one kid said "my dad doesn't have the priesthood because he doesn't come to church and he smokes." (a complete lie). We thought it was really funny because it did not sound like a joke a 5 year old would make...it sounds more like something a 12 year old would say. He also stood up suddenly during the lesson and said that he was going to throw up and ran to the trash can and started to fake throw up in there. I could write a five page post about all of the other things he did.

-Also, people please stop boycotting Arizona, because we live here and we don't want to be separated from the rest of the United States.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Makenzie's Book Trick

I know I already posted this on facebook and people probably think I am obsessed...(it is possible I am obsessed...) It is just hard to catch Makenzie doing things on camera. It took me about four months to get this on camera so I want to share it with whoever is out there...


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nick's Second Graduation

Nick graduated from BYU a few weeks ago with his Master's in Electrical Engineering. After seven years at BYU, he is finally finished! I'm not sure why I am included in most of the pictures...
My dad came to celebrate with us:

As did Nick's Parents...

We wanted a picture of Makenzie wearing Nick's hat, but she was not a fan of the idea...

After the graduation we had a family BBQ at my sister-in-law's house. She was giving her twins a bath and Makenzie always feels the need to be involved. Katie turned her head for two seconds and turned back around to see Makenzie was now in the bath with the twins...fully dressed from headband to shoes....
You can't tell from the picture, but she was thoroughly enjoying herself.
A few other Makenzie stories/isms:
- We were sitting in Sacrament one Sunday in Arizona and Makenzie was turned around to face the people behind us. All of the sudden she ducked down and popped quickly up above the bench and yelled "BOO!" She possibly gave an old lady a heart attack.
- She is obsessed with "two" right now. She runs around the house and says, "two, TWO" and she jumps on the second two.
- She is also obsessed with Pooh Bear right now. My parents gave her Pooh and the Honey Tree on DVD and about ten times a day she brings me two remotes and says "peh beh" (pooh bear).
-Whenever I call for Nick, I will yell "Nick". Makenzie will copy me and yell to Nick only she calls him "Dick"
- Whenever I ask Makenzie if she wants _____ (chocolate milk, cereal, candy, etc.) She gets all excited and says "yay! yeah! yay! yay! hahaha! yay!" If she asks for something (usually "gogogat galKK (chocolate milk))and I say no she starts doing a funny whine and stomps her feet (kind of like she is running in place). It usually evolves into a tantrum. I'm always trying really hard not to laugh because it is really funny.
Hopefully I will be able to keep up with posting now that we are pretty settled here in Arizona!