Thursday, February 25, 2010


I'm a planner. I like to know everything that is going to happen in the future and I like to plan and prepare for it. I love calendars, checklists, organizers, etc. I am extremely impatient and my only way to deal with my impatience is to plan and prepare.

That is why I spent most of my day making checklists for our move. I made the following checklists:

-things I can start preparing now
-things to prepare a month in advance
-things I need to prepare a week before the move
-things I need to do on moving day
-I made a list of the order in which I should pack things
-I made of list of people/places to change our address with
-I made a cleaning check list for the apartment- I even color coded it to know how far in advance before the move I should clean everything
-items that are now allowed in moving vans
-items that we should not put in the moving van
-things to do when we arrive in our new home
-items that should be in the back of the moving truck
-items Makenzie will need in the car
-items we will need in the car
-questions I need to ask our landlord pertaining to our move
-things I need to tell the people moving in after us

I did start by making a checklist of the checklists I needed to make....

Now all I need to know is where we are moving to....

I'm really not crazy. We know for sure we are moving at the end of April and we don't know where. That is in two months people. I just felt the need to find some control over the situation so that the second we know where we are going, I can get to work in an organized fashion. I may have very little time to get everything done! So don't make fun of me! If you make fun I will assume it is because you are jealous of my checklists.

Monday, February 22, 2010

One word to describe Makenzie last month?


(I love her hand over her oops...)

(She did knock the box over. It was all part of her master plan to get into the bathroom and splash in the toilet.)

(took her pants off and climbed all the way up the couch)
(She does this all the time and we have no idea why)
(She stands on her toys to press the buttons on the TV. She also took her bow and pants off.)
Don't worry, she also knows how to unzip her jammies and take them off. In the mornings I find her naked.

But one word can't describe Makenzie. After all, she can be very sweet:

And rather righteous:

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I think I was initiated into real motherhood the other night. You see, before this experience, I could not refer to myself as a 'mother.' I was strictly a 'mommy.' Mothers are the real deal. They are the ones that car pool kids to and from school all day, they enroll kids is soccer, they make dinners that are actually good, they don't have to google symptoms every time their kids hiccup, and they are up in the middle of night scrubbing throw up off of the floor. Yeah, I was not a mother. I was a mommy. I talked baby talk and changed poopy diapers.

Well anyway, I awoke in the middle of the night (about 2 AM) to Makenzie screaming. Lately I have wanted to try just letting her cry herself back to sleep but sometimes I would rather just go and fix the problem so that I can go back to sleep. Anyway, the second I opened her room door I smelled something really foul. I turned on the lights to find throw up covering everything. It was all over the carpet, all over her blankets, sheets, crib, pacifier, her hair, jammies, oh just everything. Ugh. It was gross too. We are not talking about baby spit up. We are talking about human adult -like throw up. So, I started by scrubbing the carpet. Makenzie was not acting sick at all. In fact, she laughed at me the whole time as she kept handing me chunks from her throw up (I know this is disgusting). Then, she got to have a bath and be put into clean jammies. Then, I got to scrub off her wooden crib and change the sheets and put the dirty ones in the washing machine. Then I had to settle her down after her exciting experience. Two hours later, I was back in bed.

You want to know the ironic part? Makenzie did not want to eat dinner the night before. I tricked her into eating. As she was eating I was telling her that she had to eat because I did not want to be up with her all night with a hungry baby. So instead, I was up all night cleaning up the food that I made her eat. Maybe it wasn't ironic, maybe I just got what I deserved.

Although I know I still have a long road ahead of me and lots to learn, I would have to say that that night initiated me into motherhood....Oh the joys of motherhood...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Makenzie and I started the spirit of love by making cookies. Okay, well actually Makenzie didn't help. I actually wanted to make the cookies so that Makenzie could help decorate. I thought it would be a fun activity. But then I realized that there was nothing fun about cleaning up the mess that would have happened. Plus, I don't think any of her frosting or sprinkles would have made it to the cookie. So, I just made the cookies.

For Valentine's Day Makenzie got a ring pop! Really the "present" wasn't the actual ring pop. It was the fact that I was allowing her to eat the ring pop. She did make a huge sticky mess but she loved every second of it.

Nick and I went on a Valentine's date Makenzie free! It was actually the first time we have ever been out without her! When she was younger, we couldn't ever imagine going to dinner being as fun if we didn't bring her along. We loved having her around. But she has now reached an age where going out to eat without her is very fun...(but we really do love her and we missed her)
We actually spent most of the dinner trying to decide that if we had gone to high school together, would we have liked each other or dated? The conclusion, if Nick had grown up in South Carolina, I would have liked him in high school. If I had grown up in Oregon, I may not have liked Nick, mostly because I probably wouldn't have known him very well. Nick thinks he would have liked me either way but probably would never have asked me out. Asking girls out just wasn't his thing.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Google Reader

With a little bit of peer pressure I discovered Google Reader! And I love it! You can consider this my official recommendation to anyone who has not discovered it yet. Here are a few things I learned/realized from it:

It is great for people with slow internet connection because I only have to bring up one page to read all new blog entries

I follow about 90 blogs

I only have around 30 listed on my blog page

That makes me feel like a stalker

But, I only look at one blog where I have not actually met the people whose blog I am it isn' t too bad.

I know I didn't really do any explaining about what google reader actually is...but I am not sure I even know. I just list all the blogs that I read and it tells me when blogs are updated and lists them all on one page for me to look at. I know you can put things on there that are not blogs...such as news updates, sports updates, etc, but I haven't done that yet. Also, I don't think that anyone else can see the blogs that you list.

Also, I discovered It is fun to list and rate all the books you have read and see what your friends are reading. It is convenient to list all of the books you want to read so that you do not forget to read them.

I love all the fun google stuff!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sleeping Baby

I realized lately how many pictures I have of Makenzie sleeping. There is just something so cute about a sleeping baby. As a newborn, they are just so sweet. As she gets older, they become really funny. I selected some of my favorites to share:

(She loved to turn on her side when she was a newborn)

The picture below is how she is always put down to go to sleep. She is swaddled in a little blanket and has her big blanket up around her face. All the other pictures are her own doing.

Snuggling with baby for example....(I love her bed head)

I'm not sure why she loves to press her head against the bars so much. She always wakes up with red line across her head or face.

The picture below she did herself. She decided she wanted to use the sheep as a pillow and then she tucked herself in. Too cute. I just walked in her room during nap time and found her like this:
She is pretty much upside down in this picture:
I love how she is wearing froggy jammies and has her legs positioned like a froggy:

The Grand Finale:

This one is my favorite:

Can she really be comfortable like that? I know it is mean that I put her down for a nap with her shoes on...but sometimes it just has to be done.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Birthday Cake

So I made this cake for my brother-in-law's birthday. I want cake decorating to be a hobby, but it is kind of impractical to just make random cakes everyday. So, I made a cake for Josh's birthday. I wanted to come up with something that was "manly" (as opposed to childish). It is kind of hard to make a cake that does not look like it is for a kid. So, I decided to google ideas. I innocently searched 'birthday cake ideas for men.' BAD IDEA. The scars from the moment the search results displayed can never be erased. Why do people have to be so gross? Anyway, I ended up just searching some children's sights to come up with an idea that could be applied to men. I still think the cake looks like a children's cake, but Josh loves basketball and the Jazz, so it isn't too bad.