Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Three Years

Three years ago yesterday Nick and I were married. I can't believe I was so blessed to be married to such a wonderful person. Somehow I found myself sealed for time and all eternity to a person that I am still crazy about.

I have been thinking a lot lately about our story. How two people from opposite ends of the country and were able to find eachother. I realize as I try to remember details of our love story, that I am forgetting much of it. I have never been a jounral keeper and I don't want the past to be washed away. So, I spent the last few weeks writing down everything about our story. I put so much time writing it that I didn't want the effort to go to waste. So, I decided to post the story. I actually don't expect anyone to read it. It's long and I'm guessing nobody really cares about how cute I thought Nick was when we met and the horror story of our first kiss. Anyway, I am posting it in case anyone is ever bored.
The story is all from my point of view. It can be read at

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Around the House

I put Makenzie in this box. I thought she would like it for about five seconds and then scream...she played in it for about a half an hour. She started screaming when she knocked all of the movies over on top of her.

I haven't decided yet if she hates socks or just has too much fun taking them off. Either way it has been impossible for us to keep them on her.

She thinks she is pretty cool now that she can walk around everywhere. I kind of miss it when she used to crawl.

She has also become a little climber. Every time I turn around she has climbed up something new. She is so obsessed with the Christmas tree that she had to find a way over the barrier. I have a chair there now. That works better.

When we first put up the Christmas decorations, she got so excited and kept pointing at everything new and saying "Whahisssit" (what is it). Anytime I put something new in the house, she points and it and says "whahissit whahissit whahissit." She really doesn't miss a thing.

Also, when I go in her room after a nap or in the morning she has a routine. She has to say "uh uh" and point to everything she threw out of her crib (pacifier, socks, pants, blanket, animals...etc) and then she has to point to her humidifier and say "whahissit." Then, while I am changing her diaper, she has to point to her desitin and say "whahissit."

She also has become obsessed with reading books. She goes into her room and brings me a book and then sits on my lap. She almost always brings me "Green Eggs and Ham" or "Hop on Pop." When I read her hop on pop, she cracks up at the first page because she likes the rhymes of cup and pup. Then, she tries to make the "p" sound.

If you haven't noticed, I have a very predictable child.


So I went to Omaha last month for my Grandma's 80th surprise birthday party. I haven't posted about it because I hardly took any pictures and I'm embarrassed at the lack. I actually forgot my camera the night of the birthday party. Anyway, here are the few pictures I have: