Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

The whole time I was pregnant Nick insisted that he would not hold our baby until she was three months old...or at least until she was "stable." In the delivery room, Nick was the first to hold her. Nick was the one who brought her to me for the first time. A few minutes later in the nursery, Nick was holding her again and the nurse asked Nick to lay her down on the table. Nick looked awkwardly at her, then at the baby, then at the table, and said, "I can't..." to which the nurse replied, "oh, I forgot. First time dad thinks he is going to break her." Two days later he changed his first diaper. A week later he changed her clothes. Four weeks later he blessed her. Six weeks later he fed her her first bottle. Five months later he gave her a bath. Six months later he fed her veggies.
I love that in almost every picture I posted Nick is looking at her. That is pretty much how it has been since he became a daddy. He is a good dad and Makenzie is crazy about him. Nobody can make her laugh like Nick can. Everyday after he gets home from work he takes her into the other room and I just hear them in there cracking up. He notices when she is wearing something new. He asks every Sunday if he can take her to Elders Quorum with him. I hear him tell her multiple times a day how cute she is. On weekends, he gets up with her in mornings to let me sleep. She is so lucky to have such a great dad.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Froggy face is missing. This is the first toy that Makenzie ever showed an interest in. She loved him so much....even though she did throw him out of the stroller. We were at the mall and one minute she was playing lovingly with him, and the next minute he was gone. I backtracked every store we had been in and searched the floors and asked the employees. I checked the mall lost and found. He's gone. I keep trying to tell myself that some homeless kid who has no toys found him....but deep down I know that it was some selfish brat that stole her toy. He found it on the floor and made a run for it. Ugh. This is not something I can replace. He was given to Makenzie by one of my mom's friends from high school. I can't find him at any stores!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Things are changing around here....

I wanted the music in the background for this post to be the Hallelujah chorus. It's the music I am hearing in my head right now....The night before last, Makenzie slept through the night. All of the other nights this past week, she has only woke up once! I have been waking up feeling like I actually slept! Now, my mind isn't cloudy. When people talk to me, I can actually understand what they are talking about. Makenzie seems happier too.
PS- Makenize's new thing is to roll to her toy box, dump it over, and then throw all of the toys around the evidenced by the background of the above picture.

Monday, June 8, 2009


There are so many words to describe babies these, infant, toddler, newborn, etc. I don't really know which words describe which ages. She's not a toddler or a newborn. But infant doesn't seem like the right word either. Anyway, she is growing up so fast! And she is getting pretty crazy. When I try to change her diaper, she tries to roll over and throw herself off the changing table. When I try to change her clothes she kicks as hard as she can in hopes that I give up and leave her naked. When I hold her during church of for any long length of time she starts arching her back and diving for near objects. When I try to put her in her car seat she arches her back and flails her arms and screams. She is constantly talking and gibbering and if it is ever silent....I know she is up to no good....she has either ripped her headband off and is chewing on it or she has found something around the house that is bad to chew on....(usually cords to electronics). When I take those objects away, she starts throwing a two-year old tantrum. I'm not complaining by the way. I absolutely love these things about her. It's her personality. So is this:

On this day, she only wanted to play with toys that matched her clothes.....And yes, she prefers two toys at a time

She loves oatmeal and rice cereal. And green beans. But this is how she feels about peas:

Monday, June 1, 2009

Six Months

Somehow my little baby turned six months on Saturday. She is so much fun and we love her more and more everyday. At her appointment today she was 25 inches long, 14.5 lbs, and her head was 43 cm. Makenize:
- is rolling around the entire house and putting everything she can find in her mouth and getting anywhere she wants
-is waking up about 6 times a night
-is talking up a storm (babababa blah blah mamamama)
- has learned a high pitch squeal
-can stand when holding on to something
- can sit for about 5 or 6 mintues before falling over
- loves household items waaaay more than toys. paper is her favorite and the tags on her blanket and stuffed toys are pretty fun too.
-is using her pacifier less and less
- loves oatmeal and usually tries to grab the spoon to feed herself. Sometimes she cries between patience at all
- knows how to take her diaper off and likes to be naked
- loves the water park!
-smiles all day long
-refuses to snuggle
-wants to crawl but can't quite do it
-reaches for anything that comes close to her...(this has made many messes)
I love this baby!!!!


So we went to Arizona last weekend for Nick's friend's wedding. Makenzie was an angel the whole time. She handled the car ride very well....sleeping most of the time and babbling the rest. I think though it may have made her hate her car seat. She was always fine with her car seat before...but now she screams every time she even sees it. Nick and I listened to The DaVinchi Code in the car. We did finish the whole book. The guy narrating used a french accent most of the book so during and after the trip Nick and I had a french accents and words stuck in our heads. It was like I was thinking in a french accent...or a french guy was narrating my life.

Here is our little family at the Mesa temple. Brian's cute sister was nice enough to watch Makenzie while we went in for the ceremony.

Makenzie was a little obsessed with Melissa's bouquet. She had been screaming because she was so hot...but then got a little distracted....

Here are the four roommates. Brian was the final of the four to get married. I think they think they are the backstreet boys....

Here are the boys at Brandon's wedding. Still the backstreet boys. Nothing changes with these guys.

After the wedding we went camping in the Grand Canyon. Nick had to set up the tent in the dark all by himself. But, it was nothing he couldn't handle. That night we ate Subway around the fire that Nick made by himself of wet wood. Nick had to make it himself because I was hiding in the tent because there was herd of deer trying to eat us. Nick was brave. I zipped myself up in the tent and then stuck my head out to make sure they didn't eat Nick. Nick did mention how embarrassed his parents would be that we bought wood and didn't chop it ourselves...and then ate subway instead of cooking our own meal. Nick comes from a family of professional campers. We did make S'mores though...using the fire. We nearly froze to death that night...

The next day we drove to a bunch of lookout points to see the Grand Canyon.

It was a fun little trip!