Monday, February 23, 2009

Bossy Baby

So Makenzie has become quite the bossy baby. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. Lately she has preferred to have her face covered with a blanket when she is tired. Mommy doesn't like that because she is scared that baby will suffocate. So, we used to compromise....

It was the perfect compromise because baby was mostly covered and mommy knew that she could breathe. Well, lately baby decided that she doesn't want to compromise and that she wants her face covered. Mommy didn't want to give in....but it was either let the baby scream for an hour or give in and put the blanket over her...guess who won....
This is a normal thing around the house now. Makenzie is randomly somewhere in the house covered by a blanket. So, if you are ever at our house, be careful where you sit or walk. Don't tell Makenzie this...but usually after I'm sure she is asleep I will take the blanket off of her face....
Here are some things she has done lately that show her bossiness...
- The other day I had to sing "You are my Sunshine" about 100 times. I wasn't allowed to stop singing and I wasn't allowed to sing another song. If I tried to cheat she would start screaming.
-At dinner time Makenzie wants to sit at the table. Sitting next to us in her bouncy chair isn't enough. She will yell at us and as soon as we pick her up and let her sit with us she is happy.
- Makenize doesn't like to cuddle. Apparently cuddling obstructs her view so if we try to cuddle with her she will scream until we face her out so that she can look around. I feel cheated because cuddling with a newborn is so fun! My newborn hates it...

Anyway, she is still cute and still very fun to have around.
She loves the bath

And she lets mommy play dress up with her

She still loves airplane and is still as stiff as ever...

She was festive for Valentines Day

And she makes funny faces for Mommy during Photo shoots....

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Makenzie 2 Months

Mommy 2 Months

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crazy Baby

For those of you who don't know, Makenzie is kind of crazy. She has tons of energy and her arms and legs are always flying all over the place. This past week, she has decided that she likes to roll over from stomach to back and back to stomach. I don't know that she means to roll over, but her crazy legs and arms kind of make her. She also thinks she is older than she is. At dinner time, she insists on sitting at the table with me or Nick rather than sit in her bouncy chair next to us. She has also figured out how to rip off all of her cute accessories. If I turn my back for a second, and then turn back to her she will have a guilty look on her face and I will notice she ripped her bow off and threw it across the room, she is sitting on her bracelet, her socks are nowhere to be seen, I'm just lucky she hasn't figured out how to take her diaper off...yet. Anyway, every night her hands get really cold so I always put socks on them. Somehow she always figures out how to get them off and when she wakes up to eat, I have to go searching for them. The other night, I figured out a way to put them on where she couldn't possibly get them off. I even told Nick that she wouldn't be able to get them off. Anyway, in the middle of the night I was feeding her and I noticed that her arm looked kind of bare. I touched it and sure enough, there was no sleeve on her arm. I couldn't figure out what was going on so I turned the light on.....

That's right, somehow she managed to get her arm out of the sleeve and up and out of the collar. I still don't know where the sock went. She's crazy I tell you! But so innocent. Look at that innocent little face...

Here Makenzie is mad because she got herself all twisted up in her bunting.

Makenzie also LOVES the television. No matter where I put her in the house, she manages to twist her body around and hang upside down to stare at it. Sometimes when I need to shower and she won't go to sleep, I make it easy on her and just let her watch the Disney channel. Did I mention that she doesn't sleep? She does at night, but not during the day. She takes a few short naps (20 min.) here and there but prefers not miss anything by sleeping.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Poor Baby

Makenzie had her two month appointment yesterday. It was so sad. She was so happy and smiling and innocent until they stabbed her three times. Then she screamed. She just looked at me like she was thinking "why are you letting them do this to me mommy...."

She had an appointment last week with a nutritionist where she only weight 8 lbs and 11 oz. That's only the 15th percentile.They were worried she wasn't gaining enough weight so they wanted me to start feeding her more. That turned out to be a nightmare because Makenzie didn't want to eat more. Now she hates feeding time. Anyway, at the doctor yesterday she moved up to 9 lbs so I guess it is working. However, the doctor didn't seem too worried about her weight. He said she will probably catch up in the next few months and I don't have to force her to eat.
Anyway, here are her stats now:

Weight: 9 lbs 20th percentile
Height: 22 inches 30th percentile
Head: 39 cm 60th percentile

They also gave her a liquid immunization. They warned me that most babies spit it out. Makenize loved it...she started sucking on the dropper trying to get every last drop out. She really loves gas drops and baby Tylenol. Also, her favorite part of the doctor is when he puts the popsicle stick in her mouth. She tries to lick it. My milk must not be very good....

After her shots, she was kind of lethargic. She didn't want to cry or smile. She just kind of looked liked this:

Here is Makenzie at her first BYU basketball game. She actually really likes going to basketball games....

Makenzie also got to meet some of her Great-Grandparents!