Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Makenzie loves airplane. When she is upset, airplane will usually calm her down. She is so funny because she sticks her legs out straight and puts her arms out like she knows what she is doing.

Sometimes she is suspicious of airplane...

Makenzie also loves tummy time. She is getting so good at holding her head up!

So cute!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh So Cute

Makenzie is smiling now! It is kind of hard to get on camera because she tends to get worried when we pull out a camera...but we can catch the tail end of her smile!

Ever since we brought Makenzie home from the hospital, she has slept on her side. We always lay her down on her back and then she automatically flips over to her right side.

One of her most common faces is the worried face. She gets worried a lot. Another one of her common faces is when she makes an 'O' with her mouth and raises one eyebrow, but we haven't caught that one of camera yet.

This is a gown my mom made for her.

She gets bored sometimes.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vacation to SC

My brother Jordan is on a mission in Korea. For Christmas he sent home a box that included squid jerky. It was probably the grossest thing anyone has ever seen. Anyway, my mom and Nick tried it. It was disgusting.

Hunter got Guitar Hero World Tour for Christmas. We spend a lot of time playing it. Even my parents participated!

Makenzie was blessed in my home ward by her Daddy. It was such a sweet blessing and she looked so cute. She wore a gown that my mom made and that her Aunt Halston was blessed in. She was awake for the blessing and stared at Nick the entire time. Nick said that as all of the men gathered around to bless her she stared at them one at a time. She is a very curious baby.

We also used the hot tub! Well, they did anyway. Makenzie and I weren't allowed so we had to watch from the side.

The weather was really nice almost the whole time. It was almost 80 degrees when we got off of the plane! So we went to the beach to introduce Makenzie. She didn't want to wake up for it.

We also went mini-golfing.

On New Years Eve we played charades for hours an hours. Usually we have a game night and play multiple games but we never actually moved on this year. People will do anything during this game!

My mom taught herself to do mosaic tile and she has made creations all over the house. Right now she is doing the outside of the hot tub. She also did all around the pool.

Here is Makenzie with Nonnie and Grandpa. (My mom also did the mosaic in the background)

Here is Makenzie with Aunt Halston.


Since we were going to South Carolina for Christmas we started Christmas early! We opened our family presents at home in Provo a couple days early. Makenzie wasn't amused. She slept through the entire thing!

Here is Makenzie in her Christmas dress on Christmas Sunday!

Here is our family on Christmas Sunday. Don't worry about my second chin....I did just have a baby. But really it's kind of nice, it compliments my eyes....enjoy it while you can because it won't be there long!

On Christmas Eve day we tried to take Makenzie to see Santa. We didn't end up doing it because it cost way too much. So, we just took a picture in front of Santa's tree. I guess she didn't think it was worth waking up for.

Then Makenzie had a poopy explosion all over her Christmas eve outfit. I couldn't possibly put another outfit on her, so I let her lay around naked while I washed it. I couldn't resist a naked picture.

Here we are Christmas Eve....

It is tradition every Christmas Eve for my family to do a Cantata. We narrate the Christmas story and sing/play the songs that fit in the story. Here we are singing along. Halston and I played the clarinet and my Dad and Hunter played the trumpet but I don't have pictures of that.

It is also tradition for my dad to read "T'was the Night Before Christmas" to all of the kids. We started this on my first Christmas and here is the 23rd. We also have a video of every single year. Nick and I are starting this tradition with Makenzie.

Here is Makenzie Christmas morning. She couldn't figure out why everyone was so excited to get up early.

Nick made french toast for everyone Christmas morning! He makes the best french toast.

My mom also made a yummy Turkey dinner! And she was very excited about it...