Sunday, December 7, 2008

Baby's First Week

Ready to go home from the hospital! She is so tiny in her car seat.

She loves Daddy

Ready to go to her first appointment. Makenzie was jaundice and had to go back to the hospital a few times for testing.

With Nonnie and Grandpa who came to take care of us!

Daddy doesn't get to see her very much because of his work and school schedule. So, whenever he comes home he insists on holding her no matter what. When he comes home from lunch, he holds her while he eats.

(I think she looks like a little boxer in this photo)

After her first bath.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Makenzie Anderson Bell

Baby Bell is finally here!
Born November 30
5:03 PM
6 lbs 14v oz
19 inches long
She is healthy and happy and probably the cutest baby ever! She didn't have a name for a few days but we finally decided on Makenzie Anderson Bell. Anderson was my Grandma's middle name and I promised her when I was eight years old that I would use the name for one of my kids.
I did go into labor on my own on Saturday night and did not have to be induced! I started having really hard contractions in the middle of the night. (I tried to tell Nick it was my abs of steel but I don't' think he believed me.)It was a 13 hour labor. The first 10 hours actually went by very fast. The last few were pretty rough. I did have an epidural which probably saved my life. There were some complications during the labor. Every time I had a contraction the baby's heart rate would drop dramatically. They started by putting me on oxygen which only helped a little bit. They figured out that the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck. I was also having what he called "dysfunctional irregular contractions." They kept adjusting pitocin levels to try to find a level that the baby would tolerate. They also had to pump water back inside of me. The doctor's exact words were "we are sharpening knives in the back for an emergency c-section." But somehow everything came together in the end and with the use of forceps, the baby was born the natural way!
Nick was so wonderful the entire time. He was so cute when she was born! I have never seen him so happy and glowing. He loves her so much. He is so good at picking her up and holding her and he even changed a diaper! During the delivery I told him that no matter what he saw no matter how gross it was, he had to smile and nod. So, every time I looked at him he would have a huge cheesy smile and would nod and it would crack me up and mess up my contractions. He was so funny.
Anyway, we stayed in the hospital for 48 hours hours after the birth and came home last night. She is such a good baby even though she keeps us up all night long. The pictures above are all from the hospital but there are more to come soon!