Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So, I always think Nick is the MVP, but that is just because he is so good at sports! Nick has always played intramural sports but it is getting harder for him to put teams together since most of his friends are done with school and have moved away. So, this year Nick decided to make a team with some of his school friends. This was not an easy task considering Nick is an electrical engineer and most of them can't even name an athlete. But, Nick knew the name of an engineer who has ever heard of 'sports' and invited them to be on his team. (He also invited his best friend Brandon because they always play together...)This group of nerdy guys was never supposed to win, but they did. Somehow they made it to the championship game! They did lose the championship game, but we were so excited that they made it that far! Congrats guys!

Nick is also playing for the ward flag football team. Again, I always think he is the MVP.

Nick's Birthday!

Nick's Birthday was last Thursday and he almost had a happy birthday! Everything was going great....the house was decorated, he had a homemade basketball cake of his choice made by his wife, he got fun presents, and he had friends over to watch the BYU football game. So, everything was great and then BYU lost and ruined his birthday...maybe it was because I made a basketball cake at a football party....

Friday, October 10, 2008

My Festive Family

I was going through some old pictures and realized that I came from quite the festive family. You name the occasion, and my family was ready for it.....

4th of July




Rainy Day

Disney Vacation

Bed Time

First Day of School


Thanks Mom, for making holidays and special occasions so fun for us growing up! Many people would probably be embarssed by this, but it was so fun when we were little!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Baby Bell's Bed

So I was looking at cribs on the internet and came across this one. I think this is the only one grand enough for Baby Bell. Too bad it costs more than I make in a year.... I guess baby will just have to suffer with a regular crib like every other baby whose parent's aren't movie stars...... But we all know this is the one she deserves!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

31 Weeks

So, I am posting a 31 week post even though I'm 32 weeks now. Hopefully things aren't too different. Baby Bell is now around 3.75 pounds and 15 inches. She is very active...actually kind of out of control sometimes. It all started during the Olympics so sometimes I think she thinks she is an Olympic Gymnast. Also, she really hates to be the least bit squished. If I am crossing my arms and putting any weight down on her, she starts protesting by kicking my arm until I move it. Also, apparently I squish her when I lay on my side at night. She will kick the squished side until I move to my back. She is counting down the days until she can bust out of there (I can't say I blame her...) As for me, I am just counting down the days as well. I have been so uncomfortable and every part of me just hurts! Plus, I still haven't gotten over the nausea stage.

However, it is a probably good thing she isn't coming for another 8 weeks because we aren't really ready for her. We haven't bought a crib or really any baby essentials. We finally bought a travel system this week though...so at least we can get her home from the hospital when the time comes. We are so excited for that!