Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Breaking Dawn

So I just finished reading Breaking Dawn. I have to say that it was not the best book to read while pregnant. The whole pregnancy part was freaking me out because I would be reading the book and then feel the baby kick and start thinking to myself...'oh no, the monster is moving. It's going to break my ribs!' It is going to take me a while to get over thinking I have a vampire in me now. Also, I am still pretty nauseous so anything to do with drinking blood made me even more sick.

However, everything ended exactly how I wanted it to. At the end of the third book, I hated Jacob! At least by the end of this one I warmed up to him. But I still can't figure out why I like these books. I don't like any of the characters and I think the book could be summed up in three sentences yet I find myself not being able to resist reading them!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Peyton or Payton??

Okay, so I know I have plenty of time to decide but this is driving me crazy. My two final choices for baby names are Peyton/Payton or Makenzie. I have decided on the spelling Makenzie and not any other form of spelling...especially Mckenzie (You cannot buy her at McDonald's.....). However, I can't on decide how to spell Peyton/Payton. I think that Peyton makes more sense but I'm scared all of the idiots out there will pronounce her name "Pea-ton."

So, I guess I need input on which way I should spell her name. Which way is better??

Friday, August 8, 2008

Goodbye Nantucket!

So after 2 years in Nantucket, we are finally moving! We will still live in Provo, but we are moving on to a much happier place where the landlords don't try to ruin your life. We managed to find a great deal! We will be paying the exact same that we are paying now to live in a bigger and nicer place! For those of you familiar with Provo, we are moving to a place near North Park.

Finding free boxes proved to be a very hard thing to do since everyone is moving in Provo right now. We wanted to find something on Craigslist but we just weren't fast enough. We decided to drive from store to store in Provo/Orem and ask for boxes and had no luck. However, someone in the store heard us asking about boxes and recommended we go to Maverick (a gas station). The worker at Maverick told us there were boxes out back by the dumpster. So Nick and I spent our family home evening digging boxes out of the dumpster! However, it wasn't really a dumpster. It was a big recycle box that was full of only cardboard boxes so it wasn't really that gross. Anyway, we took as many as we could stuff in the car and then we got lucky and got some more off of Craigslist! So now starts the packing process. We are moving on Sat. the 16th! Yay!

Friday, August 1, 2008

23 Weeks!

Okay, so the picture is kind of awkward (I'm squatting so I wouldn't cut my head off), but you get the point. I am now 23 weeks and here is my 23 week bump. It probably feels about 5x as dramatic as it looks. The picture doesn't do my largeness justice...(for better or worse....) Anyway, some big changes have come with this bump and here are the things I have noticed so far:

1. Mentally I must still think I am the same size as I was before I was pregnant. I will see an opening and think I can fit through it and when I go to squeeze past, I crush my stomach and I am not even close to making it through. This usually happens daily in our parking garage when I try to squeeze between a car and a pole. I usually end up with car dirt all over my clothes and a mad baby who starts kicking in anger. Also, I am not used to the larger clothes. I will go shopping and look at pants or a shirt and think "that is huge, there is no way that would fit me..." and then when I try it on, I can't even squeeze it on one leg or arm.

2. I still think I can bend over. At work I always keep my purse under my desk and when I need it, I reach down to get it. Also, I always miss the trash can under my desk when I try to throw trash away. Well ever since I got back from my vacation, I can't reach the floor. I will stretch and reach but I just can't get to it. So now I have to kind of fall over sideways and grab really quick before the whole chair tips over or get my lazy self out of the chair and squat down.

3. My stomach is a magnet for food. We don't have a kitchen table and I just can't sit at the bar anymore because there is no leg room so I usually eat lunch standing up. Well, everyday after lunch I will look down and have all sorts of crumbs and spills on my stomach. I am going to have to start eating with an apron on.

4. Bathroom trips are about every 10 minutes...and even more often if I go up or down stairs.

5. For no good reason food I usually like will taste horrible and foods I hate will taste good. Cafe Rio used to be one of my favorite places. I don't know that I will ever be able to eat there again. Hamburgers used to be disgusting to me...yet now sometimes I will crave them. Weird.

6. I have what I call "second lunch." I always eat before and after I go to work. I only work 4 hours a day so usually that is sufficient. Well lately, I can't get through work without being starving and thinking I might die. Snacks are not enough I need food. So, I started packing myself "second lunch."

7. At night I can't get comfortable unless I use my husband and about six pillows to position myself correctly.

8. My belly button is no longer a button. There is no hole there anymore...it is so stretched out it almost doesn't exist and it creeps me out every time I look at it.

9. Stretch marks are gross.

10. The baby is kind of hyper. I pretty much feel her kick constantly.

So, the sad part in all of this is that I am only 23 weeks. I know it only gets more dramatic from here! I am barely over half way! So, for now I won't complain about any of this because there is plenty of time left to complain.