Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Creations

So when I was little my mom used to have a her own little children's clothing business called 'Chocolate Moose.' She used to make her own patterns and do little fashion shows (yes, I was a model....). Anyway, for Christmas Nick got me a sewing machine and ever since I found out I was pregnant I decided I needed to get to get busy on my own baby clothes.

My personal favorite so far is the baby robe! After I found out I was having a girl, I went straight to the store to start buying pink fabric! I don't know if the picture does the robe justice, it is actually really cute. I need a baby model.... If any of you have a little baby girl who you want to become famous on my blog, just come on over and we will play dress up!

I started this baby bunt before I knew what I was having. It was supposed to unisex but it really looks like it is for a boy. I am going to make another one in pink :) I might also make a big bow on the hat to make it clear that my baby is a girl.

This was the first thing I started after I got my sewing machine. I didn't know anything about sewing or quilts and I found I am very rash and impatient. I just went to the store, bought some fabric and starting cutting squares one at a time by hand (I knew nothing of a rotary board...). It actually ended up kind of lopsided and the squares aren't the same size at all. I guess everyone has to start somewhere!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No AC??

The best part of getting back from camping is going to an nice air-conditioned house and sleeping in your own bed. Well, when Nick and I got back from our trip, not only was the AC not working, it was pumping out heat. The thermostat was as high as it could go (95) although I'm sure it was over 100 in here. Anyway, our landlords refuse to answer their phones or call us back so we are just suffering. We open our windows at night and lucky for us, our windows are right above the dumpster so the fan blows in a nice garbage smell. Also, our bedroom is much warmer than our room so we choose to sleep on an air mattress in our front room. Well, our air mattress has a tiny hole in it and by 2 AM we are always on the floor. And to top it all off, I am pregnant and that makes everything worse....the heat is worse, the garbage smell is worse, sleeping on the floor is worse, and I am just more irritated about the whole situation! So, if anyone is looking for me, I will probably be in an ice cream store or camping in a walk-in freezer...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Bell Family Reunion

Nick's parents planned the first Bell Family Reunion! They did a great job planning and it was so much fun! Actually, the family reunion started with a baby blessing and then a day at Seven Peaks but I didn't have my camera for either of those days. So, the pictures start with Lagoon! We all had our matching red customized shirts on so it is not hard to pick us out in any picture!

I was only allowed the ride the same rides that a two year old was allowed to ride so I mostly hung out with my little nephews and nieces.

The next day, we drove up to Henry's Lake in the Idaho/Montana area. Nick's cousin Matt brought his wakeboarding boat. Only one person got to go before the the rope got caught in something on the boat and we couldn't drive back to shore. It was freezing and raining and no other boats were on the water. Actually, one boat did drive by and Matt tried to flag him down but he drove right on by. Finally, we were able to reach someone at the ranch we were staying at to come and save us! The boat that came to tow us may as well have been a row boat towing a cruise ship. But, somehow it was able to tow us back to shore.

The next day we went to Yellowstone! We started by walking around some geyser loops and then going to Old Faithful! We also went to a waterfall. We didn't see too much wildlife around the park. Last time I went to Yellowstone we were stuck in the road for about an hour waiting for some smelly buffalo to get out of our way. Luckily, that didn't happen this time!


On Friday we drove up to a girls camp in Idaho. Nick's cute grandparents and aunt and uncle came to join us! There was a pool, basketball hoop, horseshoes, and a campfire! Nick's dad taught him to play horseshoes and Nick probably played 90% of the time that we were there. He was actually really good by the time we left. Nick is good at pretty much anything he tries to do though. Friday night we made a campfire and sung campfire songs and made s'mores! S'mores are probably the best part of camping. We did survive the camp even though I ended up with about 50 bug bites! Saturday we went to one more waterfall before everyone had to part ways. I'm not posting pictures of that because last time I did it it deleted all the hard work I had already done on the blog and I was really mad. So yes, this is my second attempt to post the family reunion.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's a Girl!

So Nick and I found out that we are going to be having a baby girl! I am so mad because our scanner won't work, so I can't post the pictures to show everyone how cute she is. She looks just like Nick! She has the cutest little profile. She seemed healthy and strong according to the ultrasound. Also, they kept my due date at Thanksgiving Day! We couldn't be more excited. We will probably name her either Payton or Makenzie. Anyway, if I can get the scanner to work I will post pictures!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fourth of July Weekend!

So for the Fourth of July we took a mini-vacation! We left Friday morning with our friends Brandon and Amy and drove to St. George, Utah. It is pretty hard to get our of Provo on the 4th of July. Apparently, Provo is really patriotic. When we got up, there was a marathon going on outside one window, a parade outside of the other, and above us were hot air balloons. We did some shopping and of course had to eat at In-n-Out Burger and Outback! Then, we went to the St. George temple and took family pictures. We tried to pose differently than every other picture we have where we just have our arms around each other and smile. If you didn't notice, we make a very patriotic couple.

Anyway, after we went to the temple we went to off see the Sound of Music and the Tuacahn outdoor theatre! It was amazing! We weren't sure if we were going to get our firework show for the holiday but as soon as the cast took their final bow, patriotic music starting playing and out of nowhere, fireworks started shooting all over the place! It was fun although I'm not sure I have ever been directly below a firework show before. I was scared sparks were going to land on me but they didn't!

On Saturday we went to Vegas! We started at ESPN zone and Nick and Brandon got a little bit

And then we were off to the Bellagio! We went to the conservatory (which is my favorite thing is Vegas.) This time, they had a mini Bellagio made!

Then, we basically walked about 12 straight hours with some fun stops on the way! We found a giant piano to jump on!

We also saw a 3-D movie at M&M world. I'm still confused about what the movie was about. If you are ever in Vegas....you should probably just skip the free 3-D movie....

In front of the Bellagio fountain (my second favorite thing in Vegas). This is where we sat and reflected the fact that we just stole millions of dollars! Oh wait, that wasn't us....

17 Weeks

For those of you who have not seen me pregnant, here is my 17 week bump! It's official.

Ensign Peak!

Nick and I decided to go crazy. We decided to do a hike all the way to Ensign Peak in Salt Lake! It was probably a mile (maybe less....) But we were so happy to make it to the top. We went with our friends Kristen, Jason, baby Clara, and Allison. Sometimes I would feel sorry for myself because I was walking for two....but then I would look over and see Jason carrying Clara and realize he was really the one walking for two. If I think carrying a baby is hard now, wait until I am actually carrying the baby!